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Research Capabilities
Toshiba Max Research is committed to innovation including the ongoing development of powerful, world-class research methodologies and tools. Because we understand that your research objectives and circumstances are unique, we customize our research design, data collection, reporting, statistical analysis, and consulting services for your specific needs.


Data Collection

Toshiba Max Research doesn't have a "pet" data collection method to recommend to all of our clients. We like to say we are data collection "agnostic" providing a full complement of data collection methods from face-face, telephony, web, mail and mobile phones. 



Our extraordinary sciences team offers you a host of advanced analytic approaches employing up-to-date analysis tools. Get the best first hand analysis from us 



Clients complain bitterly when the information they collect isn't used. Our reporting approach starts with the end in mind - Who will be using the information and for what purpose? -Get the best reporting services from us at ToshibaMax.