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Our Research Solutions

  1. Impact Assessment -  Impact Assessment helps us to answer key questions for evidence-based policy making: what works, what doesn't, where, why and for how much?. Learn More!!
  2. Monitoring & Evaluation - Monitoring is the systematic collection, analysis and use of information from projects and programmes for three basic purposes namely: learning from the experiences acquired (learning function), accounting internally and externally for the resources used and the results obtained (monitoring function) and taking decisions (steering function).  Learn More!!
  3. Employee Surveys - This includes: Employee Attitude Surveys// Employee Engagement Surveys// Opinion Surveys// Employee Satisfaction Surveys// Organizational Assessment Surveys// Employee Exit Surveys//
  5. Political Research - Political research is the analysis of social activity and behavior relating to systems of government.  Learn More!!
  6. Election Monitoring - Election monitoring is the observation of an election by one or more independent parties, typically International Organizations (IGOs) or a non-governmental organization (NGOs).  Learn More!!
  7. Market Research - Mass marketing is dead. One size just doesn't fit all. By leveraging the latest thinking in segmentation, your company can find and address the unique needs of customers you didn't know existed.  ">Learn More!!
  8. Media Research -Survey conducted to investigate what segment of consumers read which periodicals and/or listen to or watch which radio or television programs.  Learn More!!
  9. Gaming & Hospitality  - A guest service survey provides insight into the factors that enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty, increases revenues, and enhances profitability.  Learn More!!
  10. Data Collection Techniques   View all

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